November 2011

Top Scandinavian vitamin brand, Fitness Pharma, to launch in the UK with unique packaging options and a premium product mix.

Warwickshire, UK
From January 2012, Denmark’s revered vitamin brand, Fitness Pharma, will be launching its quality products into the competitive UK marketplace and with clever packaging and an intense marketing campaign hopes to quickly become a market-leader.

Brand owner, Natupharma, has chosen a central location to base the company and will be conducting an extensive PR and advertising campaign throughout 2012 to drive Fitness Pharma sales in its newest market. Retailers can expect excellent customer service and product support from a growing company with a dynamic sales team and excellent marketing support organisation.

There are two different ranges currently in the Fitness Pharma portfolio.

The first is the ‘Handy Range’. With a revolutionary packaging system, this range is sure to appeal to retailers and customers alike. Clever flat ‘bottles’ allow the products to be displayed with minimum wastage of shelf space in store and ensure the consumer knows they are getting a full bottle – none of the empty air-space currently associated other brands! Once the customer gets the product home they stack neatly in the bathroom cabinet leaving plenty of room for everything else.

The second range from Fitness-Pharma is the ‘Complete Range’. Comprising of ‘Energy Complete’, ‘Daily Complete’, ‘Pregnancy Complete’ and ‘Menoplus Complete’, the range has a mix of each capsule necessary to give you the optimum mix for the day in one box – so whether you feel you need more get-up-and-go (Energy Complete), a bit more help facing the day (Daily Complete), you’re having a baby (Pregnancy Complete) or you’re a menopausal lady (Menoplus Complete), the Fitness Pharma range can help you. The capsules are marked for each day of the week so you know exactly what you need to take to stand the greatest chance of feeling at your best. Additionally, they’re in handy weekly strips – so no need to take a whole pot (or pots) of supplements with you when you travel – just slip a strip in your bag!

Both Fitness Pharma ranges will be available from January 2012.

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