We believe the stronger the product-/range concept, the greater the chance of success

Concept & Development

We believe the stronger the product-/range concept, the greater the chance of success, but turning your ideas into reality can some time be more difficult than expected. There are so many elements that need to be included in the process of planning and executing in order to reach full potential.

The difference between success and failure is your limitation to think outside the box of your current comfort zone. We can make a difference… we challenge the norm and present to you ideas and solutions on innovative products meeting future trends.

Concieving Ideas

We believe that by thinking out of the box our customers will stand a better chance to launch successful new products that will survive the test of time. We do not believe in “me-too” products that just fall in with the existing market.

We of course acknowledge all existing Companies that are doing well in the market. To think out of the box does not necessarily mean we want to change what is already a success and working well in the market. We want to strengthen and build on by identifying weaknesses and addressing these areas either through alternation of existing products or presenting new products that can take over before the existing product comes to the end of its life cycle.

To achieve this and get ahead of the competitors in your market we find our ideas by combining our knowhow and vast experience with insight coming from various trade shows, net working, media, consumer feedback, governance bodies, literature, etc.

We have a proven record that we successfully have been able read the trends and hit the market before the competitors thus making it possible for our customers to create new markets and gain market share on existing markets.

Innovative Design

Part of the conceptual phase and conceiving idea is also to understand how the products and solution are best presented to the consumers in the market. Far too often superior products have failed due to wrong use of packaging materials and misguided designs.

It’s important to understand that very often the consumer makes the purchase decision in the store by the shelf based on the aesthetic value of the product and the enviromental impact of the packaging.

If the product does not appeal to the consumer – no matter how much marketing – the consumer will move on to another product. We offer – as part of an agreement with our customers – to manage the design phase within the scope of brand guide lines. If requested we can offer multiple solutions to chose from in order to facilitate the best finished product. We make sure that the finished delivery method including use of packaging material and design is optimized so the products have the best chance of ending up in the consumer’s basket.

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