Natupharma provides packing services from two major locations in Denmark and United Kingdom.

Packing Solutions

Natupharma provide packing service from two major locations in Denmark and United Kingdom. The packing site in Denmark is located next to the main office near to Copenhagen and is used for all food supplements for customers in Denmark and Scandinavia. In United Kingdom we have access to a further four packing sites responsible for products and solutions sold in Great Britain and to our export markets around the world.

No packing job is to big or to small and if assigned to our UK packing facilities we guarantee a ten day turn around on all packaging from receipt of last component. This way we guarantee that our customers always have the security of a short lead time and replenishment.

Blister Packing

With more than 1,000 sets of blister tooling in stock and the ability to manufacture bespoke tooling, no blister packing job is to challenging for Natupharma. With the use of our advanced blistering machines, we are able to meet all our customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Overview of Blister Packing:

  • Over 1,000 full sets of blister tooling
  • Up to five different products on one blister card
  • Variety of different blister packing formats including; PVC/PVDC, PET,
    Aclar, Thermo-form, Alu-Alu (cold form) and Peelable Foil
  • Custom tooling and design service
  • State-of-the-art colour camera detection systems, in-line check
    weighing and print registration, metal detection, pharma code reading,
    vacuum testing and blister stress point testing
  • Packaging under humidity controlled conditions
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Child Resistant Senior Friendly (CRSF)

Container Filling

We provide and fill a wide range of containers with solid, liquid or powder products within food supplements and sports nutrition and can offer creative bespoke solutions whenever required, these include:

Overview of container filling:

  • Tablets, capsules, powders and liquids filled into different container
    sizes and shapes, including direct to consumer packs
  • Wraparound, single, double, overhead labelling and label leaflets
  • Quality assured induction seal, automated torque controlled capping
    and in-line weight checking
  • Fully and semi-automated filling machines with in-line label
    application, cartoning and patient information leaflet insertion
  • >200,000 containers filled per day

Strip Packs

Our production processes enable us to provide strip packs in a variety of materials which can be filled with tablets or capsules and formatted in daily, weekly or monthly dosages. Individual packs can be designed and printed in a range of colours to reinforce our customers branding, as well as displaying all required regulatory and product information and variable data. Our modern and adaptable machinery enables us to produce significant quantities of strip packs quickly. We can provide strip packs in single or double strip formats with perforations to help open the product without damaging the strip.

Overview of strip packs:

  • Formed and filled with tablets or capsules
  • Convenient daily packs with up to six different solid dose products
  • Weekly or monthly retail cartons
  • Rapid bulk production
  • Variety of materials can be used including Alu-Alu (cold form)
    and Paper Backed PET.

Sachet Filling & Packing

Our sachet packs can be filled with up to six different solid dose products including tablets, capsules, powders or liquids. Many different sizes of sachets can be filled with a range of solid dose products including powders, tablets and capsules or liquids.

Powders can also be filled into single sachets for individual usage. This format has been very popular with our sports nutrition customers wishing to offer ease of use for the consumer.

Overview of sachet filling & packing:

  • Formed and filled with tablets, capsules, powders or liquids
  • Convenient daily packs with up to six different solid dose products
  • Weekly or monthly sachet retail cartons
  • Rapid bulk production
  • Variety of materials can be used including aluminium foil,
    paper backed foil and PET foil.

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