“We help our customers
to free internal resources”

– Mads Bødtcher-Hansen, CEO & Founder, Natupharma


What we do

We are not a traditional product oriented company but rather we are focusing on our customers needs trying to develop their business by taking over as much of the value chain from concept to shelf.

We have been told that we are considered to be one of the markets most trusted and reliable suppliers… a fact that has been proven by the growth we as a company has experienced since the owner and CEO, Mads Bødtcher-Hansen, took over the company and gave it new directions in 2007. We have come a long way, and today we are supplying our own innovative brands and ECO Packaging Solutions to the market just as we offer OEM (private label) solutions to our customers based on our vast knowledge about what products are presently sought after and trending worldwide.

The success we have obtained is based on the fact that we as a supplier are in a position to facilitate as much or as little of our customers value chain from concept to shelf. Through understanding the market and the consumer’s current and future needs we provide a full service solution that includes everything from:

  • Concept & Development
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • ECO Packaging & Packing Solutions
  • Regulatory services (relevant to local market), and
  • Storage & Logistics


Why full service concept?

To understand the benefits of our full service concept you need to understand your business and how it currently impacts on your value chain relating to the five elements of service we offer. We challenge you to explore if your present speed and cost to market and your understanding of your customers and their future needs is giving you complete value for money in these difficult and increasingly competitive times.

Our experiences have shown that our partners can greatly benefit from using Natupharma as an ally by taking over elements if not all of the value chain. We are not restricted by our customer’s current portfolio and route to market thus giving way for Natupharma to provide valuable advice on innovation, re-branding, efficient procurement, optimized and customer friendly packaging, up-to-date regulatory compliance as well as support and logistic.

We strongly believe that a partnership with Natupharma is the way forward.



Natupharma is an organisation with a very short distance from the board room to the “shop floor”. This makes it easier to instigate policies and decisions when needed.

We strongly believe in a business structure that supports our abilities to deliver and support our customer’s strategy to nourish your business, to accommodate your needs and simplify the operating model by taking responsibility for your value chain.

We furthermore believe that all products developed and supplied by Natupharma to our customers must be in accordance with the regulatory legislation of the local markets. To ensure this Natupharma is investing both time and resources in keeping abreast with the most recent legislation in the market where products are sold.


Our history

The history of Natupharma dates back to 1956. At that time the company name was “Heigar” but following an acquisition by present owner and CEO, Mads Bødtcher-Hansen in 2007 the company changed its name to Natupharma A/S.

Today the head quarters is located near to Copenhagen where we have a packing and Warehouse facility. In 2012 we established a UK office and sales company located in Stratford upon Avon supporting the UK market and the rest of the World. In 2018 we aquired a leading Swedish sales- and procurement company futher strengthening our long term growth strategy.

Since 2007, Natupharma, both in Denmark, UK and Sweden, has seen impressive growth and interest from the market and is today considered as being one of the most revered suppliers of branded and OEM food supplements, pet Nutrition, sports Nutrition and ECO Packaging.

We strongly believe that Natupharma has the ability to continuously grow its own and chosen partners business.

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