Our job doesn’t necessarily end with the finished products coming of the packing line

Storage & Logistics

Our job doesn’t necessarily end with the finished products coming of the packing line.

We also offer access to our warehouse facilities and logistic services (shipping) to make sure that the products are stored in a suitable condition and once sold arrive safely and on time to your customers.

If requested we can also offer a next delivery service to match our customers daily operation, this implies we take over the entire logistic chain including warehouse storing, handling of your daily orders (picking and boxing of products) and making sure the products arrive on time to your end customer (e.g. retailers, pharmacies and others sales outlets).

Warehouse Services

We have our own warehouse facility in Denmark (covering our Scandinavian customers) and in the UK we operate from 6 warehouses in different locations from where we ship to the UK market and the rest of the world. As part of the UK setup we are in a position to offer warehouse facilities for ambient, temperature controlled and secured drugs.

We will work with you to achieve a secure and cost effective warehouse and logistic solution to all your requirements, getting your products on to the shelf at the right time so the consumer can buy and generate repeat purchases for your business.

Storage, Fulfillment & Distribution

With our combined warehouse facilities in Denmark and UK we provide a full range of storage, fulfilment and distribution services which can be tailored to meet our customers’ every need.

In total we have access to a capacity of over 10,000 pallets and our services can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Supported by a warehouse management system with real-time customer-reporting, we offer MHRA GDP approved ambient, chilled, temperature-controlled and humidity-monitored storage. Our sophisticated warehouse management systems feature comprehensive documentation processes to ensure accurate product tracking and inventory control and this facility can be accessed remotely by our customers.

Furthermore, our proximity to the national motorway network and to major airports is a huge benefit to our logistics and distribution business, enabling us to fulfil your needs anywhere in Denmark, UK or elsewhere.

Services include:


  • Online inventory and ordering remotely accessible 24/7
  • Regular B2B and B2C deliveries throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide
  • Dedicated pick and pack and cost effective postal services
  • Bar coding inventory control

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