Navigating safely within the world of food supplements and sports nutrition is a legal minefield

Regulatory Services

Navigating safely within the world of food supplements, sports nutrition, pet nutrition and food grade packaging is a legal minefield. No matter how strong the concept and finished products are, if the products do not comply to the EU legislation and more importantly the interpretation of the rules in the local market you risk at worst the recall of your products from the market.

Understanding how devastating the implications can be, when developing new products with our partners, we always take into account the regulatory impact on the products. For this reason we have build a strong in house regulatory department that understand and comply to the EU and international regulatory law.

Just as important, even though we benchmark against the EU/international law we know that each market within EU (and internationally) interpret the law in different ways, so even though it might be legal under EU law there might be a local restriction that prevent the product from being sold. This is why we also offer a very competent network of local specialists in the markets we operate in as we appreciate the importance of understanding and complying with these restrictions.

Global Regulatory Services

Depending on the nature and delivery method of the products and it’s packaging we offer the following regulatory insight as part of our full service concept giving you the guarantee and peace of mind when launching new products, or if required, as part of a continued monitoring during the lifecycle:


Key focus areas include:

  • Multilingual label checks and translations
  • Construction of formulation checks
  • Formulation checks
  • Advice of advertising and clearance
  • Legal highlights
  • Marketing material and help with publication
  • Ongoing consultancy and expert support


Core regulatory areas include:

  • Food and nutrition labelling
  • Nutrition and health claims
  • Marketing claims
  • Novel foods and food additives (including support with dossier preparation)
  • Genetically modified foods/food ingredients
  • Flavourings
  • Food supplements
  • Food fortification
  • Pesticides and maximum residue limits
  • Contaminant maximum levels
  • Compositional standards materials and articles intended for food contact use
  • Food safety and hygiene provisions

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