June 2014


Trend-setter or early-adopter? It doesn’t matter – just follow the latest beauty trend for optimal skin and beauty results!

Leading Scandinavian supplement brand, Fitness Pharma, know all about vitamins and the ways they can assist in living a healthy lifestyle. Cleverly Fitness Pharma have now taken their extensive knowledge to the next level and launched the ‘SILVER LINE’ range of products for even more enhanced health (and beauty) benefits to meet the ever-growing trend inspired by the ‘beauty from within’ approach.

With the trend in the U.K moving towards it’s not just what you put on the outside of your skin, but ‘what’s inside that counts’ – you may have noticed the aptly named ‘Beauty from Within’ category that’s popping up in health stores and retail outlets the land over – Fitness Pharma have chosen an appropriate time to launch their SILVER LINE range of 5 unique, specially formulated condition and age-specific beauty products. Drawing on their experience in the supplement arena, Fitness Pharma have finely tuned the ingredients and sourced the best quality actives to provide an all-round health and beauty supplement range that make ‘being healthy and beautiful’ easy.

One of the main USPs of the range is the fact that there are three different products – two soft gels and one tablet – in a handy to use blister card. Each card has seven lines – one each day of the week – making it easy to remember what you’ve taken or what you’ve forgotten! Each box contains a 28 day supply. Not only is the SILVER LINE range handy, it is a one-stop shop for everything you need to be healthy on the inside (and it seriously helps you be beautiful on the outside).

The SILVER LINE range consists of two condition specific mixes both of which do what they say on the box but also mix traditional and proven ingredients with newly discovered oils and tinctures. HAIR & NAILS BEAUTY with zinc and selenium has the addition of argan oil and SKIN BEAUTY with collagen, green tea extract, pine bark extract and tomato extract benefits from the elasticity-boosting properties of wheat germ oil. The range also has three age-specific solutions, RADIANT BEAUTY 20+, ENHANCED BEAUTY 30+ and RESTORATIVE BEAUTY 50+, again intelligent combinations of well-known skincare supplements coupled with more recently discovered super-ingredients.

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