August 2014


Fond of the BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free)? Well, COMPLETE SKIN BEAUTY gives you so much more than your ordinary two for one…

Leading Scandinavian supplement brand, Fitness Pharma, know all about vitamins and the ways they can assist in living a healthy lifestyle. Cleverly Fitness Pharma have now taken their extensive knowledge to the next level and launched the ‘SILVER LINE’ range of products for even more enhanced health (and beauty) benefits to meet the ever-growing trend inspired by the ‘beauty from within’ approach.

COMPLETE SKIN BEAUTY is one of 5 products in the SILVER LINE range. It is a revolutionary blend of traditionally functional herbal ingredients combined with emerging beauty super-ingredients: get your body health boost and your beauty boost at the same time!

COMPLETE SKIN BEAUTY is a 28 day supply of tablets and capsules – take one tablet and two capsules daily with meals: one Vitamin/Mineral/Herbal tablet, one wheat germ capsule and one argan oil capsule. The benefits of combining the ingredients mean that your daily healthy zinc, selenium and vitamin C requirements are met (with the herbal tablet) while your beauty regime is being enhanced with supplementary skin-loving ingredients. Your overall health and well-being is essentially double-dipping!

The wheat germ capsules offer numerous skin benefitting properties, ranging from softening and moisturising your skin to boosting its regenerative powers. It’s an excellent anti-ageing oil, works well to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and also generally supports a healthy, glowing complexion.

The argan oil capsules promote overall skin health – argan is a great ‘all-rounder’. It’s perfect for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne rosacea, but is also great simply for nourishing and feeding the skin.

Used in combination, the three COMPLETE SKIN BEAUTY supplements are your daily recipe for improved skin tone, texture and noticeable skin improvement. COMPLETE SKIN BEAUTY is appropriate for any age-group, but also take a look at the age-specific products in the SILVER LINE Beauty from Within range for a more targeted beauty solution.

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