Among our many suppliers of Food Supplement and Sports Nutrition, Natupharma stands out as being one of the most reliable and innovative suppliers we have.
– Dansk Supermarked Group

Low Priced Range

To produce just a single low priced product is less of a challenge than producing an entire range that can support a viable business with a good and workable margin. More than ever it’s a prerequisite than all elements of our “full service concept” are considered and addressed actively in the development of such a range.

We have a proven track record of supplying the market with standard “entry level” ranges of supplements which are sold at competitive prices with a good margin. From a consumer point of view the benefits are value for money and the opportunity to buy supplements at affordable prices. For customers who normally market “high priced” products, we have found that sometimes it is worthwhile considering a “low priced” range as this does not impact on their existing business.

Medium Priced Range

For the more aware consumer market where the consumer demands more complex products as result of their increased knowledge we can offer products that match these requirements. Not only do we offer condition specific products and ranges in this price level, we also offer value added products where we combine the latest trends within supplements and ingredients to deliver innovative products without having an adverse effect on cost.

Furthermore, working closely with our procurement department we can offer our partner to benefit on our knowledge and relationships to get products with increased functionality. Combined with the right choice of delivery format this gives our partner a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the market and capture new consumers.

Just as above we have experienced that it is worthwhile considering a “medium priced” range when primarely selling low priced products in the market, as it is targeting a different demographic group thus not cannibalising on existing business.

Sports Nutrition

Increasing health awareness and changing consumer groups are the major growth drivers for the global Sports Nutrition market. Traditionally, bodybuilders and athletes were the only consumers for sports nutrition products but in recent years, new user groups (recreational and lifestyle users) have increased their market share.

Not only does a growing market present new business opportunities but it seems that this new customer base contrary to the traditionally user of sports nutrition is more likely to stay loyal to a brand once they have started using it. This is why we recommend our partners to target the recreational and lifestyle users when developing sports nutrition as part of their business.

We have successfully exploited a gap in the sports nutrition market selling the products through a previous underdeveloped channel, the Supermarkets. When developing the design for this particular range we have intentionally been focusing on a design that would appeal to the mass market resulting in a main stream design/image which you commonly would find in supermarkets.

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