Fitness Pharma “Scandinavian” range

The Fitness Pharma range offers a complete key assortment of more than 40 high quality food supplements sold as “one brand”. All products are developed and produced under strict regulative control and in full accordance with the latest EU legislation, i.e. ingredients, documentation for safety and efficacy claims.

To help optimize shelf rotation the label design has been made to signal credibility, quality and “value for money”. Furthermore, all products are colour coded and with individual symbols for easy and fast recognisability by consumers.

A very distinctive feature of the Fitness Pharma brand is that all products in “Scandinavia” sell at the same retail price. This is very convenient for consumers but also provide the trade with some unique opportunities when promoting the products, i.e. the entire range can be advertised as “one brand” with “one target price”.

Fitness Pharma has enjoyed enormous success on the Danish (Scandinavian) market. Since the range were introduced to the market some eight years ago the products has become the best distributed and is today one of the largest food supplement brands on the Danish market.

Fitness Pharma “Handy” range

Range of condition specific and added value products consisting of 16 high quality supplements.

With a revolutionary packaging system, this range is appeals to retailers and customers alike. Clever flat pots allow the products to be displayed with minimum wastage of shelf space in store and ensure the consumer knows they are getting a full bottle opposed to the empty “air-space” often associated with other brands. Once the customer gets the product home they stack neatly in the bathroom cabinet leaving plenty of room for everything else.

Fitness Pharma “Complete” range

Range of five high quality blistered products:

  • Energy Complete
  • Daily Complete
  • Pregnancy Complete
  • Immune Complete
  • MenoPlus Complete

Each product consist of three different food supplements all necessary to give the end user the optimum mix for the day in one box – so whether you feel you need more get-up-and-go (Energy Complete), a bit more help facing the day (Daily Complete), you’re having a baby (Pregnancy Complete), you fell under the weather (Immune complete) or you’re a menopausal lady (MenoPlus Complete), the Fitness Pharma Complete range will help you.

The capsules are marked for each day of the week so you know exactly what you need to take to stand the greatest chance of feeling at your best. Additionally, they’re in handy weekly strips – so no need to take a whole pot (or pots) of supplements with you when you travel – just slip a strip in your bag!

Silver Line (by Fitness Pharma)

Range of five high quality blistered products made to maximise your health and beauty potential.

Initially designed for a major retail chain in the UK, it is a premium range of food supplements with the game-changing added benefit of super-ingredients that boost your daily beauty regime too. Not only do the SILVER LINE products provide the daily doses of the most important nutrients necessary for maintaining your immune system and cardiac function, they also combine oils and vitamins that will ‘feed’ your skin, hair and nails – giving your beauty routine a boost.

With SILVER LINE your health potential and beauty appeal are maximised to the full. Each pack in the SILVERLINE range contains a daily dose for 28 days. The blister pack has a simple and clear indication of daily doses and also shows the days of the week. All you have to do is take the row of tablets /capsules from the blisters per given day.

Fitness Pharma Sports Nutrition

This range consists of three protein bars and three energy bars.

The protein bars comes in three flavours (Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla) each 50g bars providing 30% protein. The energy bars also comes in three flavours (Honey & Peanuts, Coconut and Red Berries) each 45g with a carbohydrate content ranging from 66-73%.

During the conceptual phase it was agreed that all Protein- and Energy bars under the Fitness Pharma brand should be low in calorie, taste good and appeal in design to a more diverse market than just your average “sports” bar. The result is that all bars are made and produced with less than 170 calories per bar and with a design that appeal to the wide audience due to a more confectionary look. This has resulted in a range where the protein bar (with chocolate flavor) in less than 12 month has become one of the best selling protein bars in Denmark… quite an achievement!

Danisan range

This range consists of 10 different products, some of them available in different sizes. The range was developed to fit a gap in the market where consumers were requesting products at competitive prices while maintaining high quality standards. This was achieved by clever sourcing of products and maximising bottle content to give the impression of high value at low cost.

It was important to go with a design that was reflected in the price so the perceived value of each product was justified by the low retail price, i.e. if the product appeared to expensive from a design point of view but being sold very cheaply the customers could become suspicious of the effectiveness of the content, thus deciding not to buy the product.

We have successfully transferred these learning’s to other concepts incl. contract manufactured products.

Prosan range

This wide range is based on propolis and as such is a niche product targeting a more discerning audience.

Propolis has been used for more than 2400 years. The bees collect resin from the trees and process it using the salivary glands. This result is the substance “propolis” that bees use to seal the beehives with and to keep intruders out of their homes. Propolis’ journey from beehive to humans goes from the beekeeper to modern laboratories where it is analyzed, sorted, cleaned, standardised and recast. The standardized Prosan® propolis contains a lot of active substances, the effect of which is released slowly in the organism.

Among our many suppliers of Food Supplement and Sports Nutrition, Natupharma stands out as being one of the most reliable and innovative suppliers we have.
– Dansk Supermarked Group

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