Holland & Barrett

Natupharma UK Limited first launched its Fitness Pharma range with Holland & Barrett in 2013. The range was extremely well received by the customers resulting in the following statement after only 6 months:

Fitness Pharma is the best ever launch by a branded VMS product range, that we have ever known.
– Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett

Dansk Supermarked Group

Bilka Ishøj

Dansk Supermarked Group is the largest retail group in Denmark and operates more than 1,400 stores in five countries, runs several successful Danish e-commerce businesses and employs almost 47,000 people internationally.

Among our many suppliers of Food Supplement and Sports Nutrition, Natupharma stands out as being one of the most reliable and innovative suppliers we have. Natupharma always deliver on their promise and combined with their ability to turn ideas into actual products we have no doubt Natupharma will continue growing our business in the coming years.
– Dansk Supermarked Group

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